• About us

    The founder is hairstylist. She noticed that people only focus on their hairstyle, clothing and shoes but ignore that socks are an important component of outfit as well.


    "Most socks aren't very comfortable." the founder said. Due to work in a job that requires standing for long periods of time. Besides the bad quality of the stitching solid as does the material cause her toe feel squished and uncomfortable. The chemical treatments these garments undergo can result in the fabric becoming harmful to sensitive skin. There were ideas that she started to notice that she could improve upon and produce one, amazing pair of socks.

  • This is not only a product, but an insistence.


    Although most of the factory could not support us. However, we believe when you hit a wall, find ways to go under and over but, never give up! In the way, we have made considerable advances on functions such as quick dry and ultra comfort premium yarn selections by working with fiber technologies in Taiwan.

    We try to keep the focus on what we say are the most comfortable socks.

  • Made in Taiwan. Professional guidance throughout the product development process from design sketching, production to final packaging.

    We've got your feet well and truly covered with sokker® edit of socks to keep you snug and stylish.

  • Why choose us ?

    Good quality socks for our cute little ones, made with extra-long staple cotton these socks perform remarkably well. They are thin, extra soft, and cotton-rich for all-day comfort premium cotton blend, breathable. Your child's feet will be kept dry and fresh.

    Printing textiles with reactive dye, no fluorescent agent. Rigorous production processes.

    Cozy and breathable sokker® socks are made of high quality material. Stretchy comfortable lightweight wearable. Soft and gentle care for skin let you feel comfortable all the day.​

    This is sokker® Design. We are here for you and comes in all our fit ranges. Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help us to improve our ability to serve you and other customers.

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